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The Word from the Creek

June 19
Saw a ton of dolphins today. Pretty majestic to be so close. Some days my job is pretty awesome.

June 14
My diamond back terrapin friends have rejoined me. They hang out and wait for scraps while I cull oysters. They are quite friendly! Free food makes most creatures amiable.

June 9
The fabulous Fox family a regular buyer of our oysters from Relay made the trip to Mathews from Richmond for a tour. They liked it, even got T-shirts!

May 29
I took the barge from the Cockrell's Marina in Reedvilee and instead of white knuckling it trailering it home, I decided to try something else. I traveled from the Little Wicomico through the Bay back into the Piankatank. I was a bit nervous, new hull, long way home through some very open water, but it was a smooth trip-took about 2.5 hours - not actually smooth - quite bumpy but nothing crazy happened. The barge has a new hull - hopefully we won't need another for a long time. We will be starting tours soon-contact us if you are interested.

May 16
No barge no problem. We have been working from a small skiff this week. PJ and I have been swimming around harvesting the oysters. It is slooooooow and tedious but there is something about jumping in the water that just makes me smile.

May 12
So we had to take the barge out of the water today for repairs and get it to Reedville, a beautiful but nerve racking drive. We took out a few low branches and hit one telephone pole. Nothing crazy, the crane nicked one, but it turned out to be minor. Now she is at the Cockrell's getting a new layer added to her hull. Thank you to Mr. English from Chesterfield that helped us get it on the trailer straight, that was no small endeavor especially with the help of my sons. ( 3 and 6 year old).

Feb 5
We found our way to the big city from Mathews to participate in the Black's Bar and Kitchen oyster tasting. Of course we think Chapel Creek Oysters were the best! We also found some people that are interested in going on our oyster farm tours that will start in the spring. We ended up getting a speeding ticket in Maryland. My wife thought it was here fault at first because she has managed to lose the Smart Tag in the car, but it usually still works. But it was my fault, speeding in a residential area. My forced financial contribution to DC wonder if they would have let me trade oysters for that ticket instead...

Jan 22
We went to the art museum in Richmond this morning and I notice "oysters in art" a couple of times. This was not one we saw, but an example nonetheless. Click here.